“People do business with people” – Unknown.

It is a little well-known fact that people operate in society through relationships. Yet, so many of us drastically underrate the importance of relationships, even when widespread research reveals that social connections play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of purpose and well-being

The operative management of social capital encourages learning and knowledge sharing and can spark innovation. This is why it is essential to ask, are we collaborating with people who can teach us new ways of looking at things?

It is vital to invest in these meaningful relationships, particularly outside of the office. They tend to broaden perspective and tap into the diverse viewpoints that are requisite for success. In examining this link between networks and professional success, we took an informal trip to the beach.At Oui Capital, work takes on so many different meanings. We call this one: Fostering strong networks. One of our passions is connecting budding entrepreneurs with the ecosystem players they need to succeed; in environments that promote interaction 🌴🌴.
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Here are a few things we learnt:

  1. The ideal platform for you to build relationships allows you to consistently connect, engage, build relationships and offer your community relevant and valuable information.
  2. It is not always about who you admire on a corporal level. It is about understanding which relationships and interactions are nurturing and fulfilling. It is about anchoring yourself in nourishing relationships that give you a sense of purpose and buffer you against depleting ones.
  3. Building thought leadership is about authentic conversations. If you’re sincere about who you are and what your professional goals are. You’ll have an effortless time connecting with people (especially those of like-minds) – that gives you a built-in foundation for a long-term business relationship.
  4. Don’t just add value! Value people. Recognise that you are going to have to meet people that may not share your mindset. You’ll need to work extra hard to connect with them and be respectful of their ideas.
  5. The art of ‘being social’ rather than ‘doing social’ is something we should all take advantage of. Small talk about vacations, politics or pets may seem inconsequential but are remarkably relatable to others and can be critical for developing long term bonds. 
  6. Ultimately, relationships are projects: It takes time and energy to build and grow, and you’re going to get out what you put in. Take the time to genuinely invest in them through formal and informal channels that aren’t necessarily focused on one particular outcome but on the value of the journey.

Concluding Note:
We want to say thank you to all those who took the time off their busy schedules to go on this figurative and literal journey with us to Ilashe. You all are the real fund.